Grab a recruiter and ask them: “Can we hire fast and hire the best?” More than likely their answer will be “no.” Well, no it doesn’t have to be.

Watch our webinar with David Nason, temporal scientist, global talent acquisition leader, and advisor to new generation HR tech companies, along with Appcast SVP of Strategy, Leah Daniels. David shares his experience and what he learned from executing a college hiring program from scratch in 90 days, building a high performance 200 person development team in 4 months, and hiring a 1,000 person sales organization in 120 days.

Viewers of the webinar will learn how to:

  • Create a plan and resource strategy
  • Engage and galvanize necessary stakeholders to join the cause
  • Create MVPR (Mission, Vision, Purpose, Results) messaging for both your internal and external audience