Although it may seem like there is plenty of time to prepare for this year’s seasonal hiring demands, the truth is the holidays will be here before we know it. In order to successfully meet your goals, it is critical to begin planning as soon as you can.

Watch the webinar recording as we discuss best practices to help you attract and hire the candidates you need this holiday season. Appcast’s VP of Programmatic Strategy, Kyle Leigh, and Director of Customer Success, Jacqueline Antworth, will be joined by Brandon Luiszer, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Love’s Travel Stops to discuss proven tactics that will make seasonal hiring more manageable this year.

Watch the webinar today to learn:

  • How to improve your apply process to create a candidate-friendly experience
  • Tips for writing job descriptions that highlight the benefits of seasonal work
  • How to create a job advertising budget that will help you meet your goals efficiently
  • What technology is most effective for high-volume hiring needs
  • How Appcast customers have leveraged these best practices to meet their seasonal hiring goals