For the past year, with inflation at the highest point in a generation and interest rates rising at a dizzying pace, a chorus of forecasters began predicting an imminent recession for the US economy. And yet the labor market continues to be very strong – some would say too strong. Job openings and wage growth, while cooling somewhat, remain historically elevated. Recruiters struggle to find the talent to power their organizations. 

Watch a recording of Appcast Labor Economist Andrew Flowers' webinar: Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold: Searching for the Goldilocks Economy. During this webinar, Andrew will sift through the conflicting economic signals and help recruiters find the signal in the noise. As editor of, Andrew helps recruiters understand the economic forces they can’t control, so they can better optimize what’s within their control. 

Appcast's latest webinar will help HR and TA leaders understand: 

  • What leading economic indicators recruiters need to know, and what they say about whether this moment of talent scarcity will come to an end  
  • How there is not “one labor market” – some industries can thrive (restaurants, hospitals) while others suffer layoffs (technology)
  • How trends in recruitment marketing and pay transparency are disrupting recruiting
  • Whether the US economy will find a Goldilocks compromise in 2023, a balance between an economy that is not too hot, leading to persistent inflation and shortages, but also not too cold, leading to recession.