For over a year now, UK recruiters have faced intense competition for workers amid labour shortages. But add to that challenge a new one: prices rising faster than pay. War in Eastern Europe has pushed inflation, which was already at a 30-year high, to even greater heights. 

The cost of living crisis in the UK is at center stage. In this fast-changing economy, UK recruiters need to be prepared to attract top talent even when – especially when – many workers are experiencing a worsening standard of living.

Watch the recording of our webinar where Appcast Labour Economist Andrew Flowers presents the most recent data on the state of the UK job market and shares best practices for crafting a job ad strategy that will enable you to attract more talent, despite the challenges in 2022.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of:

  • The state of the UK labour market and what it means for recruiting
  • Insight into what is driving the cost of living crisis
  • How the war in Eastern Europe could impact recruiting
  • What to do when inflation impacts job seeker’s wage expectations
  • Tactical recommendations for how you can improve your job ads for more applies