As recruiters know, attracting and hiring candidates has never been more difficult. In addition to a tight labor market and intense competition from other hiring organizations, recruiters are also grappling with record-high inflation, a war in Eastern Europe, and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

With everything that’s happening in the world, it can be hard to tell what is important for talent acquisition. In order to succeed, recruiters need clarity in the chaos. Recruitonomics is that clarity.

Built from a world-class data set, Recruitonomics is the combination of labor economics and recruiting tactics. This data-driven insights program helps make sense of our evolving world of work. We invite you to watch our on-demand webinar where Appcast's Labor Economist, Andrew Flowers, unveils Recruitonomics. During this webinar, Andrew will analyze several “big picture” economic topics, including:

  • The ongoing impact of war and COVID on the labor market, and whether the rapid economic recovery could stagnate from accelerating inflation.

  • Demographic shifts driving long-term labor shortages – a global phenomenon affecting Europe and East Asia, as well as North America.

  • Technology’s complex impact on work: why automation hasn’t displaced many supposedly vulnerable occupations, while the remote work revolution has just begun.

  • Government policy’s immense impact on recruiting, from controlling inflation to managing COVID to utilizing immigration.

Don’t miss out on these data-driven recruitment insights for an evolving world of work.