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Responsive Recruitment for 2020

Building a Data-driven Strategy for a Changing Hiring Landscape

Watch this webinar recording as recruitment strategy executive, Leah Daniels, walks you through the key building blocks of an approach to recruitment that sets you up for success, no matter how quickly the market or your hiring needs change. 

During the session we discussed:

  • An update on current market trends and your current situation.
  • Building a data-driven strategy to fuel agility and efficiency in your recruitment.
  • How a programmatic ad exchange can help your recruiters and fix your candidate experience.

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More Candidates than any Single Job Site.

Post jobs across +10,000 job, professional, niche, and social sites to drive more active and passive candidates to your open jobs.


Stop Overspending.

Stop spending on job postings that already have enough candidates; programmatic rules focus your money where you have a greater need.


Increase quality of applicants.

Receive high-quality timely applications; our algorithms know which job sites will get you qualified candidates, when you need them.