Watch this webinar recording as Appcast labor economist Andrew Flowers takes a deep dive into the data to be highlighted in our 2022 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report. Be the first to hear about our findings in key recruitment marketing metrics and learn how you can leverage this information in 2022 and beyond.

After this webinar, you will have a better understanding of:

  • What explained the dramatic changes in recruiting in 2021, and what to expect in 2022

  • How economic dynamics like labor shortages and accelerating inflation affect the market and what recruiters can expect for costs – like cost per click or per application – in the roles they’re hiring for

  • Why data-driven job ad content strategies, like title optimization or benefits promotion, improve recruitment marketing performance

  • Initial data regarding cost per hire benchmarks by job function and discipline – thanks to new data insights enabled by down-funnel applicant quality integrations