Download this paper to learn the ways employment branding has evolved, and how talent acquisition teams can get involved.

Written by Allan Schweyer | Industry Thought Leader & Founder of

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Why the percent of organizations that have a “formal employment branding” program is rising
  • How talent markets are expected to shift and evolve through the end of 2018
  • How a strong employment brand significantly lowers recruiting costs and leads to fast, better hiring
  • Where the recruiter 'sweet spot' in employment branding lies, and the ways they can contribute to developing the employer value proposition
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Today, organizations that understand their purpose and what sets them apart from competitors as employers, and who can convey it in a compelling employment brand, stand to attract the right top talent easier, faster and less expensively.

Allan Schweyer Industry Thought Leader & Founder of

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