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Decoding Global Reskilling and Career Paths

The Global Talent Survey is the largest study of workforce trends in the world, exploring the shifting attitudes of over 209,000 workers from 190 countries. This report is Part Three of the survey and examines the jobs at risk and the reskilling response of global workers as of late 2020.

Understanding these shifting attitudes allows hiring organizations to adjust their strategies to ensure they’re engaging and attracting the global talent they need. Download this report to learn:

  • The real impact of Covid-19 and the perceived threat of automation on various job roles and industries
  • The preferences and willingness of global workers to reskill for different jobs, and which jobs they are most likely to reskill for
  • How much time, and in which ways, global workers are investing in learning and development

This study of global workforce trends was conducted by the Boston Consulting Group and the Network between October and November 2020. Appcast is proud to be the official partner of The Network in the US and Canada and to have obtained the data on U.S workers for the survey.

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