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Diversity Recruiting:

Finding and Hiring Candidates

As more organizations embrace diversity and inclusion—and competition for candidates intensifies—more creative approaches to recruitment are required.

If you’re still taking the same approach and getting the same or diminishing results, this Appcast whitepaper is for you.

To help you attract and reach candidates from underrepresented groups, we share data-based actionable tactics you can use today for:  

  • Candidate attraction and screening
  • Leadership and corporate culture
  • Setting goals and tracking results
  • And more! 

Learn How You Can Acquire More Candidates with Appcast


Reach More Candidates than any Single Job Site

Post jobs across +10,000 job, professional, niche, and social sites to drive more active and passive candidates to your open jobs.


Stop Overspending

Stop spending on job postings that already have enough candidates; programmatic rules focus your money where you have a greater need.


Increase quality of applicants

Receive high-quality timely applications; our algorithms know which job sites will get you qualified candidates, when you need them.