Download this paper to learn practical applications to enhance your recruitment marketing strategy at the board-level, and throughout the rest of your organization.

Written by Dave Forman - Author, Fearless HR


“Executive and board-level meetings are busy events, often crowded with important duties, requirements and legal obligations.  But it is easy for senior leaders to get side-tracked from the issues that really matter most to the enduring success of a company.  

In today’s economy, what could be more significant to discuss than building a powerful culture that people want to join, improving the company’s assets, enhancing the ability to innovate, and strengthening the company’s brand?  It turns out that all of these qualities should be part of the recruitment marketing message conveyed to prospective and existing employees alike.  

By focusing on the recruitment marketing campaign and the research on building an “opt-in” organization, senior leaders and board members can make an even more meaningful contribution.”



[Recruitment marketing] should synthesize the key characteristics of culture, values, intangibles, innovation and brand. Boards, arguably, have no more important role than to enhance these characteristics as they are key to both present and future success.

Dave Forman Author | Fearless HR

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